G-Land, Perfect Wave for Surfing


G-Land is located in the southern part of Banyuwangi, East Java. G-Land derived from Grajagan , the name of the particular spot (and also the name of a village nearby) at G-Land where huge waves can be found. July to August would be the best time to surf. Many People thinks that G-Land or Plengkung is Grajaga, but it not true, G-Land is beach in front of Grajagan .

Plengkung bay or G-Land is considered one of the greatest surfing breaks in the world and one of destination of the surfing world. Exotic surf travel almost never has the kind of grace and logic that it does in magazines and movies.

Condition of surrounding areas since the camp is exclusively situated near the jungle where there are big trees as well as many bushes spread out everywhere plus a humid air resulted by such natural circumstances. Accordingly, these could probably a proper habitat for mosquitoes that may unexpectedly lead to malaria disease. However, during this season actually there are seemingly very few mosquitoes found, as weather is quite dry.
Beautiful, uncharted waves are out there, but its a long, tedious, sometimes dangerous job finding them. Only a few surfers ever sail out into the great unknown. This is why many people today think of G-Land , Banyuwangi-East java, not just as a perfect wave, but as a perfect adventure.

More than a name or a place, G-land is a haven. So close but yet so far from Bali, G-land is a magnet for swell and is definitely not overrated. The set up in G-land is simple, the relaxed atmosphere and pumping waves make for an experience like no other surf trip. Starting with the fact that its located at the edge of a jungle filled with birds, reptiles, insects and other creatures not found on the beaches of Sydney or Los Angeles.

G-Land is a long fast wave typical of most Indonesian waves, suggested surf board length at 68 " 72 Gun " unless you surf like a top 44 contender, so bring a couple of Guns and your hot-dogger for the small days or down at 20/20s. You should bring at least 2 boards, Indonesian waves are powerful and its possible to break boards, so be prepared and bring at least two boards.