NSSA Hawaii Event #1


NSSA Hawaii Event #1

PK's Kaua'i Hawaii
26 - 27 July 2008

Kyle Galtes brings it on with double victories in NSSA season opener

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 30 July, 2008 : - - NSSA Hawaii opened up this season with lip smackin’ 2 to 4 foot surf at PK’s on the south shore of Kaua’i. It felt great to get back into the swing of competition after an awesome Nationals this year. Congratulations to all of Hawaiian surfers who won titles at the Nationals.

The new NSSA Hawaii format which permits only surfers to compete from their resident island in the 4-star events appears to be a positive step as many new surfers were introduced to the NSSA program and given the opportunity to participate. (The modified system allows for all surfers to compete in the 5-star contests).

The new competitive structure made for a relaxed family day on the Beach House Restaurant lawn. We saw a lot of new faces at this event, so watch out, there’s new talent to be seen in the coming months. Newcomer James Thesken took an impressive double win in the Open Boys & Explorer Menehuenes. Kyle Galtes was blowing up winning both the Open Men’s & Explorer Juniors to start his season on the right foot.

We were visited by celebrity Jada Pinkett-Smith & kids who stopped by to watch & cheer on Mainei & Maluhia Kinemaka and family during the NSSA Hawaii first event. The kids were in top form as the turtles lulled on the reef while the waves kept getting better as the day progressed and the tide came up. NSSA Hawaii would like to offer a huge congratulations to Malia Manuel and Coco Ho for going one-two in the Women’s final at the US Open in Huntington Beach!



Open Mens
1. Kyle Galtes
2. Dylan Goodale
3. Kaimana Jaquias
4. Chatson Barrett
5. Nathan Carvalho
6. Gavin Klein

Open Juniors
1. Kaimana Jaquias
2. Kalen Galtes
3. Kaikea Elias
4. Jesse Guglielmana
5. Troy Weston-Webb
6. Ry Cowan

Open Boys
1. James Thesken
2. Lucas Angulo
3. Dorian Blanchard
4. Kai Haugland
5. Pierre Graham
6. Tabin Shamblin

Open Mini Groms
1. Mainei Kinimaka

Open Womens
1. Leila Hurst
2. Nage Melamed
3. Tatiana Weston-Webb
4. Maluhia Kinimaka
5. Brianna Cope
6. Lianna Patey


Explorer Mens
1. Dylan Goodale
2. Kyle Galtes
3. Chatson Barrett
4. Nathan Carvalho
5. Ry Cowan
6. Gavin Klein

Explorer Juniors
1. Kyle Galtes
2. Ry Cowan
3. Kaimana Jaquias
4. Elliot Leon
5. Dylan Goodale
6. Nathan Carvalho

Explorer Boys
1. Jesse Guglielmana
2. Christian Graham
3. Keola Carreira
4. Roy Carvalho
5. Mana Medeiros
6. Kalen Galtes

Explorer Menehuene
1. James Thesken
2. Tabin Shambin
3. Pierre Graham
4. Lucas Angulo
5. Kai Haugland
6. Dorian Blanchard

Explorer Womens
1. Brianna Cope
2. Leila Hurst
3. Nage Melamed
4. Tatiana Weston-Webb
5. Liana Patey
6. Mainei Kinimaka

Explorer Girls
1. Tatiana Weston-Webb
2. Brianna Cope
3. Kiana Fores
4. Lianna Patey
5. Mainei Kinimaka
6. Maluhia Kinimaka

Open/Explorer Longboard
1. Josh Lindstedt